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Railways Transport Services | Iran | TID: 18254386
1 Value: IRR 14.97 Billion approx. / 1497.16 Crore approx. | Administration Services of Telephone Exchange and the delivery and development of radio, male phone and Terminal lights and dispatcher.
Due on 18-Jun-2016  |  17 Days to go
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Education And Research Institute | West Bengal | TID: 18064875
2 Value: INR 160 Million / 16 Crore | Procurement Of Tools Equipment- Engine Petrol Mounted On Stand, Diesel Engine, Clutch System, Gear Box Mounted On Stand, Propeller Shaft, Differential Mounted On Stand, Starter Motor, Alternator, Steering System, A. Power Steering, B. Worm & Nut Type, Air Assisted Brake System, Brake System Hydraulic, Fuel Pump, Water Pump, Radiator, Fuel Filter, Oil Filter, Old Two Wheeler, Double Ended Spanner Set, Ring Spanner Set, Box Spanner Set, Allen Key Set, Props, 3 Ton Mechanical Jack, 3 Ton Hydraulic Jack, Bench Vice, Vernier Caliper, Micrometer, Dial Gauge, Torque Wrench, Hydrometer, External Tube Type Wheel Alligner, Bore Gauge, Cutting Pliers, Nose Plier, Depth Gauge, Filter Adjustable Remover, Files, Internal Expanding Circlip Plier, External Expanding Circlip Plier, Air Compressor, Pneumatic Gun, Vehicle, Battery Tester, Battery Charger, Measuring Tape, Steel Rule, Multimeter, Oil Squirit Can, Fender Cover, Seat Cover, Tyre Pressure Gauge, Internal Caliper, External Caliper, Wrench Pipe, Monkey Plier, Ball Pean Hammer, Plastic Hammer, Punch, Screw Drivers ( Range), Tubular Spanner ( Range), Arbour Press, Tool Board, Feeler Gauge ( Range Set), Universal Puller, Grease Gun, Work Bench (two) Size, Grinding Machine, Wall Charts On Various Engine Systems, Wall Charts On Lubrication, Mcpherson Struts, Spark Plug Cleaner Machine, Injector Cleaning Tools Kit, Working Tables, Almira For Keeping Tools, Display Racks, Display/Boards/ Standees-, Different Types, Flip Chart Holder, Shopping Cart, Calculator, Public Address System-Microphone, Electronic Gadgets- Dvd Player, Display Photographs Of Different Types Of, Produce Categories, Gondolas, Cc Tv Camera, Computer, Lcd Tv, Demo Counter, Bar Code Scanner, Billing Dummy Software, Uv Light Fake Note Detecting Machine, Dummy Products With Barcode, Peghooks, Ladders, Loading Trolleys, Pallets, Mannequins, Barcode Printer, Display Tool Kit, Store Directory / Directional Signages, Adjustable Lights, Gun-Tags With Tagging Gun, White Board, Glow-In-Dark Signages, Security Tags - Hard / Small, Fire Extinguishers, Pos Machine, Stock Almirah Godrej, Tables (molded), Stools (molded With Steel Base), Desktop Pc, Laptop, Ups, Printer, Inkjet Printer , Web Camera, One Dot Matrix Printer, Inkjet/Desk Jet, Laserjet, External Hard Disk Drives, Thumb/Pen Drives, Linux Os, Tool Kit, Crimping Tools, Vacuum Cleaner, Air Blower, Multimedia Projector, Utp, Computer Maintenance Table, Revolving Lab Chairs For Computer Usage And Training, Computer Tables, Nic Cards. (10/1000 Mbps) , Cable Connectors, Rj45 Connectors, Handheld Metal Detector, Door Frame Metal, Rescue Stretcher, Fire Extinguisher, Hooter & Alarms, Wireless Radio Set 2 Pc. Of Wakitakki, Training Charts, Seat Harness, Full Body Harness, Pulleys, Mannequins, One Way Mask, Air Rifle(Model Cnly), Air Pistol(Model Cnly), Carabiners, Decender, Rope 55/Mtr(10 Mm), Helmet, Boxing Gloves, Kick Pad (leather), Judo Mat (2/1/40 Mm), Training Charts(Laminated), Almira, Hospital Bed, Bedside Locker, Back Rest- Required In Level 2/3 & 4, Foot Steps Required Inlevel 2/3 & 4, Cardiac Table, I V Stand, Examination Table, Cupboard, Suction Apparatus, Syringe Destroyer, Syringe Sterilizer, Needle Burner, Thermometer, Electronic B.P. Monitoring Machine, Stethoscope, Call Bell, Enamel Basin, Deaw Sheet, Air Cushion, Sand Bag, Fire Extinguisher, Weighing Machine, Oral Care Set, Urinal, A. Male, B. Female, Bed Pan, Steel Tray, A.Large, B. Medium, C. Small, Steel Basin, A. Large, B. Medium, C. Small 3, Artery Forcep, Dissecting Forecep, Scissor, Nail Cutter, Nail Filler, Steel Plate, Steel Glass, Steel Bawl, Spoon, Steel Jug, Bath Tub, Kidney Tray, Measuring Glass, Measuring Tape, Goggles, Pocket Mask, Stop Watch, Call Bell, Crr Manequins Pack Of 4, Airway Manequins, Ambu Mask (adult), Aed Trainer With Adult Pad, Advanced Male & Female Catheterisat Ion Kit, Wheel Chair, Stretcher, Spine Board, Walker, Crutch, Splint.
Due on 03-Jun-2016  |  2 Days to go
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Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies | Belarus | TID: 18085766
3 Value: BYR 120 Million / 12 Crore | Construction of an administrative building with a garage and storage boxes on the street.
Fire Alarm & Fire Alarm, Burglar Alarm, Access Control System, Cctv, Local-Area Network, Fiber Optic Link, Telephone, Radio Service, Air Conditioning, Automation Of Heating & Ventilation, The Estimated Records (local Budget Section By Section, The Local Budget On Commissioning).
Due on 13-Jun-2016  |  12 Days to go
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Computer Hardwares and Consumables | Rajasthan | TID: 18196223
4 Value: INR 100 Million / 10 Crore | Request for Proposal (RFP) Document for Supply of IP Phones.
Due on 27-Jun-2016  |  26 Days to go
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Telecommunication Services / Equipments | Rajasthan | TID: 18185881
5 Value: INR 100 Million / 10 Crore | Supply Of Ip Phones.
Due on 27-Jun-2016  |  26 Days to go
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Power Plant | Bihar | TID: 18100144
6 Value: INR 79.40 Million / 7.94 Crore | Rate contract for maintenance of dry ash system stage II.
Annual maintenance contract of server, PC and peripherals.
Annual rate contract for maintenance of heavy mobile equipments.
Unloading of coal in track hopper and other miscellaneous works.
Screen plate suspension bar and VGF HUB.
Supply of steel cord conveyor belt, various types of idlers for CHP, spares for BOBR wagon, black heavy duty LDPE sheet, fine chemicals, 21nos 400kv, 2ka CTs for switch yard.
Due on 20-Jun-2016  |  19 Days to go
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Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies | Morocco | TID: 18042092
7 Value: MAD 60.63 Million approx. / 6.06 Crore approx. | Construction of the new headquarters of the police district station has Ksar el Kebir (larache province) lot pre-wired computer and telephone.
Due on 02-Jun-2016  |  1 Day to go
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Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies | Belarus | TID: 18189616
8 Value: BYR 57 Million / 5.70 Crore | Repair Services For Communication Equipment, (services For Maintenance Of Equipment And Lines Of Urban, Inner, Inside The Ward Telephone, Collective Television, Radio And Private Networks).
Due on 09-Jun-2016  |  8 Days to go
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Security Services | Gujarat | TID: 18159839
9 Value: INR 50 Million / 5 Crore | Supply of Cyber Crime Investigation Unit - Analysis and Data Visualization Module, Forensic Work station, Data base Driven Forensic Analysis software, Forensic Disk Duplicator, Mobile Device Data Extraction Device with Cloud Artifacts, Forensic Imaging Device & Social E-Discovery Software.
Due on 07-Jun-2016  |  6 Days to go
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Security Services | Philippines | TID: 18081046
10 Value: PHP 18.33 Million approx. / 1.83 Crore approx. | Procurement of the Infrared Aiming Device (IRAD), Night Vision Goggles (NVG), Binocular Night Vision Device (BNVD).
Procurement of Janitorial Services intended for Army General Hospital (AGH).
Procurement of Laundry Services intended for Army General Hospital (AGH).
Procurement of 235 units Handheld Satellite Phone.
Due on 07-Jun-2016  |  6 Days to go
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