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Railways Transport Services | Maharashtra | TID: 18122105
1 Value: INR 26.88 Million approx. / 2.68 Crore approx. | Outsourcing of operation of computer and indicator system at 19 suburban station based announcement and indicator system.
Due on 17-Jun-2016  |  24 Days to go
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Municipal Corporations | Maharashtra | TID: 18089069
2 Value: INR 22.68 Million approx. / 2.26 Crore approx. | Supply installation testing commissioning of Instrument & control system ( Automation System ) for 50 MLD WTP at Nilgiribaug.
Due on 25-May-2016  |  1 Day to go
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Railways Transport Services | Maharashtra | TID: 18102179
3 Value: INR 17.17 Million approx. / 1.71 Crore approx. | Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Wi-Fi at Sub Urban Railway Stations Over Western Region of RailTel.
Due on 14-Jun-2016  |  21 Days to go
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Education And Research Institute | Maharashtra | TID: 18144556
4 Value: INR 13 Million / 1.30 Crore | Supply Of 1000 Kgf Vibration Shaker System With Software.
Due on 16-Jun-2016  |  23 Days to go
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Power Plant | Maharashtra | TID: 18190259
5 Value: INR 9.17 Million approx. / 91.76 Lakh approx. | Supply of Quick Exhaust Valve & its- Seal kits.
Work contract for Dosing of Cooling water Treatment Chemicals at 3x660 MW KTPS.
Collecting of Garbage from Administrative Building/ VIP Guest house/ Chummary Building/ Building to Building in Colony and Public places etc.
Procurement of Filters for Hydraulic System for Coal Handling Plant of 3x660 MW Unit KTPS.
Work of Fabrication & fitting of CO N O PY at required BOP/BTG area of 3x660 MW.
Work of Hiring of Earth moving Machineries for deepening Widening & Strengthening of Pond/ C.S.R. and other misc. Work for 3x660 MW.
Two years contract for Maintenance of Raiway Track B.G.sidings of CHP 210MW KTPS.
Contract for on Line lake sealing work At High Pressure & Temperature in Unit no 5 & 7.
Renewal of Symantec antivirus software 100(Jun 2016) + 100 (Sept-2016) + 44(Jan -2017) Total 244 user at for 120MW.
Hiring the service of Nurse & FAA.
Work Of Shifting Of 500 KVA Transformer At Urjabhavan To 6 Pole Structure Premises.
32296/Contract for Underground & Overhead cable laying & other allied works for HT/LT cables under EMC.
Due on 15-Jun-2016  |  22 Days to go
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Road Transport Services | Maharashtra | TID: 18028461
6 Value: INR 9 Million / 90 Lakh | Request For Proposal For Selection Of System Integrator For Implementation Of Vehicle Tracking System & Passenger Information System (VTS & PIS) On Buses Of Division.
Due on 28-May-2016  |  4 Days to go
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Shipping | Maharashtra | TID: 18098249
7 Value: INR 8.40 Million / 84 Lakh | Annual Maintenance Contract of Oracle Components at SCI DR DC.
Due on 27-May-2016  |  3 Days to go
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Power Plant | Maharashtra | TID: 18154020
8 Value: INR 6.40 Million / 64 Lakh | Annual contract for monthly meter reading through CMRI and data analysis of LT consumers having CT operated meters under Urban Division-I.
Due on 26-May-2016  |  2 Days to go
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Power Plant | Maharashtra | TID: 18012657
9 Value: INR 5.50 Million / 55 Lakh | AWC for provision of Auto Rickshaw Service for EM-ODP area at TPS.
AWC for Daily Operation & Cleaning of VIP and Boiler House Lifts at Stage II, NTPS.
AWC for Assistance to Condition Monitoring of LT/ HT Auxiliaries & Preventive Maintenance Works at TPS.
Annual Work Contract for Operation of STP at NTPS.
Supply of Laboratory Wares at WTP, NTPS.
Supply of Ordinary Portland Cement 43 Grade Confirming to IS 8112/ 1989 Modified up to date at NTPS.
AWC for Air Cooler Servicing and Replacement of Spare Parts.
Work Contract for The Replacement of Steel Structure & Supporting Grills at CW Suction Pit of Unit No.3 & 4.
Procurement of Gear Coupling and Grid Spring Set of Various Conveyor Belt of CHP.
Supply and Installation of Cables of Stacker Reclaimer at CHP-II.
Work Contract for Hydraulic Pressure Testing of Fire Extinguishers.
Pre-Monsoon and Post Monsoon Maintenance Works at NTPS Colony.
Work Contract for The Erection of Steel Structure & Replacement of Boiler Railing Pipes of Unit No.3, 4 & 5 Boilers.
Providing and Fixing of False Ceiling & Laminated Wall Panel at DPM Hall, Service Building, NTPS Stage-II.
AWC for Attending Leakage of Coal Mill P.F. Pipes/ Bends by Patch Welding and Other Gas Cutting/ Welding Work at Unit No.3,4 & 5.
AWC for Daily Monitoring, Maintaining of Ash Bund Filter & Arresting The Ash Water Leakages in Drain Wells Through Filter at Valley No.4A.
AWC for Providing Services of Assistance to Store Management and office/ Computer Related Works in BM-II Section at NTPS.
Work Contract for Replacement of MSERW Pipes of Cooling Tower Riser Header With Reducers, Bends and Vertical Riser During Unit No.3, 4 & 5 AOH/ COH.
Providing and Fixing Factory made PVC Rigid Foam Doors in Between The Adjacent Fans at Drift Eliminator Floor at C.T. Pond 3, 5 & 5 Stage- II, NTPS, Eklahare.
AWC for HT Motor White Metal Bearing Works.
AWC for Providing Expert Services for Carrying Out Coal Mill Fitness Test.
Work Contract for Strengthening of Sagging/ Collapsed Portion of Pent House Roof of Unit No.4 at +57 Mtr Level at Stage-II NTPS, Eklahare.
AWC for Transportation of Coal from any Where in The CHP area With in Two Km. Including Loading & Unloading Operation.
Due on 24-May-2016  |  Closing today
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Power Plant | Maharashtra | TID: 18009312
10 Value: INR 4.14 Million approx. / 41.45 Lakh | Supply Of Servers Along With Operating System & Database Licenses For Billing System.
Due on 08-Jun-2016  |  15 Days to go
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